The source of Abatilles, at the heart of local heritage

The source of Abatilles, at the heart of local heritage

The Arcachon Basin is a place that has become famous thanks to its landscapes but also to its history. Over the years, the city of Arcachon has seen itself transformed into a veritable seaside resort and tourist site thanks to its breathtaking views of the sea, its nautical activities and its excursions suspended in time. The source of Abatilles is one of them. Discovered in 1923, it is partly responsible for the reputation of the city of Arcachon. It is a magical site to visit.

Mineral water in the heart of the South West

Originating in the heart of the Massif Central and covering more than 350 kilometers, the source of the Abatilles has been drawn from Arcachon since 1923. It was discovered by Louis Le Marié who was initially looking for a source of oil. Instead, he finds this clear spring of water that springs more than eight meters above the ground and is at a temperature of 25 °. He decides to baptize it Sainte-Anne des Abatilles in homage to the Patron Saint of Brittany.

After a few tests, it turns out that this water is rich in natural properties. It helps to relieve certain pathologies such as osteoarthritis, hypertension or rheumatism. Upon its discovery in 1923, it received the “health water” certification from the Bordeaux Health Academy. Its incredible makeup is due to the way it winds its way through rocks, clay and vegetation every day.

It subsequently enjoyed immense success, which enabled a spa to be built in 1928 in Arcachon. The latter is very popular and especially by people from high society. Everyone is rushing to do a spa treatment but also to invest in the famous new district of Arcachon: the Winter Town, where there are magnificent villas.

World War II completely destroyed the establishment. It was rehabilitated in 1954. In 1961, the Vittel group bought the Abatilles company and closed the cures.

Today, Abatilles water is dear to the hearts of the Girondins. It is part of local history

A revitalizing visit

It is now possible to visit the source of Abatilles located a few kilometers from DINGOVELOS. Access can be done by bike in VTC through the peaceful little streets of the City of Printemps. For visits, they take place every Tuesday and Thursday of the year. Through the production workshops and water drilling, accompanied by a guide, you will discover the history of the source. In all, there are seven production stages to explore.

A photo exhibition retraces in particular the course of water, from the source to the bottle. To learn more, the museum tells the whole story of the source.

Finally, all year round, from Monday to Friday and have been since 1928, “the water donors” have the mineral water from the spring to be tasted for free at the kiosk. It is the emblematic place of the Abatilles water since it was built at the same time as the spa.

The Abatilles saga is an incredible story to discover when you come to Arcachon. It allows us to better understand the city and the attachment of the Girondins to this very special water.

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