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Beach places to discover Arcachon bay

The good weather settles on the Arcachon Basin. Following the latest government announcements, we are finding more freedom in our movements and walks. So why not come and take a ride on the Basin and explore the most beautiful places riding a bicycle. To take advantage of the moment, we offer our favorite places and activities.

On the way for a gourmet break

The world is back on the Arcachon Basin! Indeed, there is nothing better than a trip to Arcachon to come and enjoy the sun and relax by the sea. This is why we recommend renting a bike for your trips. Simple, ecological and pleasant, with this means of transport you will avoid the frequent traffic jams around Arcachon. At DINGOVELOS we have all types of bikes to meet all your desires! Choose VTC, a mountain bike, a VAE, or a Tandem ... On the Arcachon Basin we are rich in our landscapes but also in our culinary traditions! For gourmets, you can easily stop to taste the specialties that honor our region. By taking the cycle path in the direction of the port you can discover the auction and its special atmosphere. Leave early in the morning to watch the spectacle of fishermen returning from fishing and negotiating fish with restaurant professionals. Following, direction the city center and its market bursting with beautiful colors. You can taste excellent products from the region including the famous oysters from the Basin. In the conviviality of the halls, discover the specialties of butchers, pork butchers, bakers, caterers ... You will inevitably find your happiness among the choice of traders!

The sea is never far away

The Arcachon Bay is also the sea. What a pleasure to be able to take advantage of these places to recharge your batteries. You will be able to walk in complete safety thanks to spaces specially equipped for cyclists. Easily reach the seafront by bike right next to the DINGO VELOS store. Enjoy breathtaking views of the beach along the cycle path in the shade of the pines. A stroll between the city and nature. Look up, you will most likely see the tail of the whale not far from Thiers Pier.

Moving away from the center of Arcachon you can discover Pereire and its long promenade. The ideal is to leave there at the end of the day to enjoy the setting sun. With a little luck you will also be able to see the Kitesurfers ballet and their colorful sails filled with reflections of the sun.

And if you want to enjoy calm and family-friendly beaches, we recommend the small beaches of Pyla. Easily accessible, secure and bordered by sublime villas, you can enjoy it with the whole family!

Without forgetting our cultural heritage

On the Arcachon Basin, nature offers us its most beautiful spectacle every day. But that is without forgetting our wealth in terms of cultural heritage. Indeed we are happy to share our story. At DINGOVELOS we are proud of our region. This is why we are very keen to share with you some of our favorites.

Also accessible by bike from the city center of Arcachon we recommend a compulsory passage in the Winter City. You will discover a district suspended in time and evoking the mundane era of the city. Built in the heights of Arcachon, pedal at your own pace in this district surrounded by picturesque villas. You will most certainly be amazed at the grandeur and the mix of architecture of these houses from another time. To end your stroll in this peaceful corner, go to the Sainte Cécile Observatory. This 32-meter high tower will offer you the best Panorama over the Arcachon Basin and the Landes forest.

In short, on the Arcachon Basin you will inevitably find your happiness. We are happy to share with you our culinary specialties, the natural beauty of our region and our heritage.

Directly accessible by bicycle, these activities will make you discover a facet of the soul of our region. We expect more than you! Rent, drive and discover with DINGOVELOS.