The Arcachonnais coast by bike in winter

Arcachonnais coastline bike discovery ride

The Arcachonnais coast by bike in winter

The Arcachonnais coast, a priceless treasure. Arcachon is the main town of the Arcachon Basin. Located by the ocean, it can be visited all year round! Surrounded by flamboyant nature, the region is full of diverse landscapes. Between sea and pine forest, the coast does not leave you indifferent and welcomes many tourists every year. Only a few kilometers from the city of Bordeaux, it allows city dwellers and tourists to combine ocean and city for a stay to discover this region full of surprises. Let yourself be carried away by the Arcachonnais coast in all its forms and discover its secrets!

Arcachon, the history of the seaside town

Arcachon is one of the emblematic towns of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It was created in 1857 by being established as an autonomous city. Its notoriety then grows over time and becomes a real well-being destination. It also grows over time, district by district, which ultimately gives the city of the 4 seasons.

Thus, the City of Summer was born in the 19th century and now represents the seafront and downtown Arcachon. It is the most frequented part of the city because it contains the majority of hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops.

As for the city of Autumn, it includes the Aiguillon and Saint Ferdinand districts. Boating and fishing are the key words because until the early 1950s, fisheries and shipyards were located there.

The Winter Town is made up of 300 villas. Thus, the Pereire Brothers wanted to build a sanatorium on the Arcachon dune in the 19th century. Indeed, the personalities of the time met there.

Finally, the city of Printemps includes the districts of Pereire and Abatilles. It therefore combines nature and grandiose residences for quality walks.

Discover the Arcachonnais coast by bike

The city of Arcachon is thus full of history. Through the 4 cities, Arcachon retraces a historical chronology established for several thousand years. Discovering the historical heritage of the city is a good opportunity to learn more about where you live or go on vacation.

In order to discover the history of the city, there is nothing like taking a bike and exploring the emblematic places of Arcachon. A sporty and fun way to learn with family or friends! So you can walk by city. Indeed, the loop begins at the Thiers jetty to allow you to enjoy the panoramic view of the Basin. Then continue your walk along the beach and then head towards the Winter Town. During your journey, you will have the opportunity to observe the magnificent villas, all different from each other. Take a break when you arrive at the foot of the Sainte-Cécile Observatory and climb it to gain height.

You can continue your walk by going to (re) discover the Pereire Park. You will be able to observe the ocean through the pines.

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