Bassin d’Arcachon by bike

the Arcachon basin for bikes

Bassin d’Arcachon by bike

Living in the Bassin d’Arcachon by bike means living in an idyllic setting. But above all, it is taking time to explore the landscapes. Taking time to discover and rediscover your environment. Taking time to do things according to the seasons. Or taking time to appreciate the present moment, in short, enjoy. Here nature has its place. We are attached to our heritage and our postcard landscapes. Our place, we love it and we preserve it! This is why we want to protect it by adopting more responsible actions, in particular by favoring bicycle using. Living or visiting for a while, we leave our car at home and get on our bikes towards the cycle paths of the Arcachon Bay.

The Basin without the car to discover the Arcachon Basin by bike

When we love we don’t count! So why not try the “My Bassin without my car” challenge! Nothing’s easier ! Living in the Arcachon Basin or just passing through, we leave our car in the garage with just one word. We take our bikes for our trips! The region encourages soft modes of transport such as cycling. One more reason to get started, in particular thanks to the large network of cycle paths in the Arcachon basin.

Riding clean, why is it so great? Well, quite simply because by traveling by bike, we respect the environment. Indeed, we contribute to the reduction of all types of pollution and we take care of our body and mind. A healthy mind in a healthy body, what more could you ask for?

It is also a more economical way of getting around. All you need is a little physical condition and a lot of good will. It will be your only fuel. So this is an opportunity to take your time, to linger and enjoy your travels. It is true that on a bicycle you can stop and go wherever you want, for this there are many models adapted according to your practice.

From city bikes to sports bikes, each model is suitable for every terrain and every type of use. For those who do not yet have a bike, bicycle rentals in Arcachon allow you to find “the perfect fit” for all budgets. Each at their own pace, we discover the Arcachon Basin in a different way, with a new eye focused on flora and fauna. With the sunny days setting in, there is indeed nothing more pleasant than cycling to the rhythm of the waves and spray on the cycle paths of the Arcachon Bay

But where to go by bike and how?

With its 220 kilometers of cycle paths, the Arcachon Basin has something to delight all brave people who challenge themselves to get around by bike only! So where can we go by bike? Which bike route to follow? And how do we do it?

Our region is full of breathtaking places to see and review. Sea, beaches, trails, forests, architecture, you will not believe your eyes and you will inevitably find what to do in Arcachon. Ultimately the hardest part will be choosing one activity over another. At DINGOVELOS, as an ambassador of our region, we are committed to share all our tips with all travelers in search of discovery and nature. With sound advice, you will be able to make the most of your cycling trips on our beautiful Basin. We give you some tips for visiting the Arcachon Bay by bike.

With the help of your smartphone, you can discover the Arcachon Basin in a very simple and intuitive way! No more maps that are difficult to fold in the bag, the smartphone is the new ally of your travels. In fact, you can find ideas for tours and calculate routes for all your bike rides on the Basin directly on the BA ’site. Cycling on the Arcachon Bay has never been so easy.

And if the distance seems a little long to you, don’t panic, there are solutions. You can opt for an e-bike. It is a real ally when you are on the move to help you and relieve you when pedaling. You can also take public transport with your bike. Indeed, the region and its stakeholders promote cycling trips by offering tailored offers. You can take advantage of the regionalTERs with your bike all summer long! It is also possible to cross the Basin with your bike thanks to the maritime shuttles. Set up by UBA, go to the Thiers jetty to buy your tickets to Cap-Ferret! However, you should not forget to equip yourself with your mask, compulsory in transport.

And if after all these kilometers traveled, your bike tires are a little deflated, we offer you a practical tip! Inflation stations are available in all stations to ensure your mobility! Remember a well inflated bike rides better! Inflation stations are available in all train stations to ensure your mobility! Remember a well inflated bike rides better!

At the risk of repeating itself, but the Cycling Basin is possible and what’s more, it’s great because there are only advantages! And for those who do not yet have a bike, no more excuses … We offer rental at DINGOVELOS. Whether it is for a hybrid bike, a mountain bike or an e-bike, we necessarily have a bike for each of your desires! So, convinced? It is time to take up the challenge of “Bassin without my car” and to enjoy the Bassin d’Arcachon while preserving it. Of course you will understand, there is no shortage of activities and kilometers of tracks, all you have to do is ride and enjoy! As a bonus, you can take the time to relax on arrival while observing a breathtaking sunset on one of our beautiful beaches.

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