Bike rental in Arcachon
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The South West is one of the essential regions in order to spend a pleasant holiday under the sign of relaxation. Relaxation but not only! We suggest to visit Arcachon and its surroundings by bike.

Rent bikes, simplicity itself

Renting bikes on the Basin has never been so easy and fun. To discover the surroundings in an original way, it is possible to reserve bikes for a day, a weekend or even during the holidays.

Mountain bikes are suitable for sporty and reckless families while electric bikes simplify the life of those who like to enjoy the landscape in peace. Tandem, trailer for children, following bike … The rental offers a freedom of choice which makes your stay and your visits more enjoyable. And as far as the budget is concerned, the rates can be adapted according to your desires and budgets.

Arcachon, La Teste, Le Cap Ferret, discover the surroundings

For a leisurely stroll, we offer the seafront circuit. With a minimum difficulty, this five-kilometer circuit offers beach and sea landscapes under the sun. To discover the Prés Salés,the circuit of Prés Salés from La Teste de Buch is highly recommended. It allows you to discover the flora and fauna by taking a stroll filled with serenity and discovery.

To lighten up the ride the Arcachon tour circuit is ideal. It stretches a little over sixteen kilometers through the city, the seafront, the port, the winter city of Arcachon but also through the oyster port of Teste de Buch. Please note, a good half-day must be planned for this circuit.

For the ace of the bicycle two circuits exist. With young children, these circuits are not necessarily suitable. However to try the experiment, we offer trailers to facilitate the journey.

Without doubt the most complete the twenty-five kilometerArcachon-Dune du Pilat circuit from Arcachon to the Dune du Pilat is to be done. Through dirt roads and sandy beaches it will be necessary to pedal with energy. For this circuit, a good half-day is to be expected.

For the most trained families, the essential tour of the Arcachon Basin is obvious. Through seventy-seven kilometers of stroll, nothing to be bored. The circuit lasts a whole day and has a fairly high level of difficulty. Passing through many small towns that flourish along the Arcachon basin such as La Teste de Buch, Andernos and finally arriving at Cap Ferret, this is probably the most beautiful circuit.

The region is conducive to beautiful bike rides and we have identified circuits that allow you to discover the wild landscapes of the Basin. Landscapes which can be flat as hilly, it will be necessary to choose the circuit according to each one.