With the arrival of sunny days on the Basin, it obviously crosses our minds to go for a bike ride. But why not test new things and experiment with bikes of a new kind? With family, friends, couples or with children, there is a choice. Goofy Bikes gives you a quick overview of these curious bikes.
On the Arcachon Basin, nature and calm have a great place. This is what makes the discreet charm of our region. So in order to preserve the authenticity of our landscapes, we favor soft travel modes. Cycling is becoming an increasingly obvious solution.
To browse the Arcachon Basin what could be better than enjoying nature riding a bicycle. Whether for a lazy stroll, a nature excursion, a sporting outing, our beautiful region offers many possibilities.
Living on the Arcachon Bay is living in an idyllic setting, but above all it takes time. Take the time to discover and rediscover your environment. Take the time to do things according to the seasons. Or take the time to appreciate the present moment, in short enjoy. Here nature has its place and we are attached to our heritage. Our pond, we love it and we preserve it! This is why we want to protect it by adopting more responsible gestures, in particular by favoring the use of the Bicycle. Living or visiting for a while, we leave our car at home and get on our bikes towards the bike paths