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the cap ferret by bike

Cap Ferret is a well-known town in the Arcachon Basin region. It is located at the tip of the Bassin. It offers both wooded but also marshy corners. There is only one road to access it which makes the trip to Cape Town sometimes very long due to traffic jams. However, many solutions are available such as the boat. Renting a bike also allows you to avoid these traffic jams and to set off with peace of mind.

Bike and boat to go to Cap Ferret

There are two solutions to get to Cap Ferret in peace. The first is to get there using the cycle path that runs along the entire Basin. It is seventy-seven kilometers long and the trip lasts a good day. We strongly recommend a VAE for this ride.

The second more suitable solution if you don’t feel like going long distance is to embark for Cape Town on board a boat. Departing from Thiers jetty, the Arcachonnais boatmen’s union will take you for a half-hour by boat. On board the boat, bicycles are of course accepted. It is therefore possible to get on board with your VTC in order to discover Cap Ferret along the cycle paths. The boat’s route passes not far from Bird Island, an opportunity to admire this natural wonder.

When you arrive, the intimate beaches of the peninsula offer visitors serenity and a change of scenery. Indeed, the atmosphere that emanates from Cap Ferret is relaxing. The charm and luxury hidden between the pines are expressed in a discreet way. Coming to Cap Ferret is to discover a world that only the inhabitants of the Cape really know. However, pay attention to the departure times, the shuttle leaves Arcachon once an hour. Different prices can be found on the UBA website.

To do in Cap Ferret by bike

Between nature and refinement, Cap Ferret shows its most beautiful landscapes to all the curious. By bike, there are many magical corners to discover.

A four-kilometer track starting from the top of the Cape and going towards the point is to be tested. It runs along the Cape peninsula and the seafront. For two hours, the route is easily done by mountain bike. It crosses the village of Cape Town through oyster huts and the Conche du Mimbeau. Le Mimbeau is a point of sand which welcomes visitors to Cape Town by sea. In this setting, poetry emerges without great difficulty.

For an outing through protected sites, the Belle de Nuit and Labradors walk is ideal. Here, a Beach VAEis recommended because this track crosses beaches, sandy islets and some parts are wooded. The circuit is two kilometers long but there are so many points to see that it is easy to spend the afternoon there. A natural site protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral, this walk offers a great diversity of flora and fauna.

For lovers of bike rides, the Arcachon Bay is the ideal spot. Each city is linked to another by numerous cycle paths, Cape Town being no exception. It is easy to discover typical and magnificent corners where time seems to have stood still and where nature has fully reclaimed its rights.