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young couple repairing a bicycle

At the end of the COVID 19 crisis, many of you picked up your bike to avoid public transport where physical distance is not always respected. But if you haven't maintained your bike for a long time, it may not ride as well. But before replacing it, did you think about repairing it?


Our gesture at DINGOVELO


At a time when we are paying more and more attention to the impact of our lives, our mode of consumption and production, every gesture counts. There are no harmless gestures.

This is why we are increasingly called upon to repair rather than discard and replace. Indeed some objects still have beautiful years ahead of them after being repaired. Seeing things from this angle makes a gesture for the planet but also for your wallet.

At DINGOVELOS we wanted to implement this eco-responsible approach. Located in an extraordinary but also fragile natural setting we take into account the luck we have. We wish to preserve our planet and its treasures. All too often the rental bikes are replaced to offer only new bikes. However, some bikes are still in perfect working order and just need servicing. Faced with this waste of resources, we decided to act, now we do not replace our fleet as regularly. We want to breathe new life into our bikes and extend their service life. For your safety and comfort we rigorously maintain our bikes. Repairs are made only with parts of French origin and quality. We mainly buy from Peugeot, Gitane ... The aim is to promote short circuits as much as possible and help respect the environment.


Let us launch the challenge of giving a second life to our objects, you too repair your bike.


Now it's your turn


For all bicycle owners, it's time to think about repair rather than replacement. First of all, before you get there, you have to take care of your bike and provide it with regular maintenance. For this we will give you some practical advice. First of all, it is important to check your tire pressure regularly. A well inflated bike is a bike that rides better. To be more precise in inflating your bike, we recommend a pump with a barometer. So for a city bike we will inflate between 3.5 and 5 bars. For a road bike we recommend between 6 and 8 bars. Finally for an ATV we recommend between 3 and 4 bars. It is also important to check the wear on your tires. Then you can check the transmission cables and visually check whether any cables are damaged or frayed. Also visually check and clean the chainrings, sprockets, derailleur rollers and the chain. Also remember to check the brakes on your bike, their condition and their operation. Another important element, the wheels, check if there is any play or warping, impact, crack or damaged or bent radius.
In general also check the tightness of all the components of your bike and make sure that the lighting of the latter is in working order.
Regularly check all these points to delay the aging of your bike.

In addition, if you are faced with a problem on the latter, know that the state has put in place a helping hand following the Covid. You can benefit from 50 € to have your bike repaired. The aim is to encourage this means of transport, which makes it possible to respect social distancing and which makes it possible to combat the spread of the virus. So what are you waiting for? All in the saddle!