Bike rental ? Child’s play !

bike rental

Bike rental ? Child’s play !

What better way to discover the Arcachon Basin than to enjoy nature on the handlebars of a bicycle. Whether for a lazy stroll, a nature excursion, a sporting outing, our beautiful region offers many possibilities. To enjoy a peaceful setting, and crisscross the pines to the rhythm of the waves, bike rental can be an ideal solution. You can rent for a short or long stay for those who have fallen in love with the Basin.

Rent your bike for any occasion

This gentle means of transport respects the surrounding flora and fauna and allows you to be always mobile and free in your travels. Practical in the city and pleasant for nature walks with the bike rental you have no requirements, no schedules to respect. You just have to enjoy. To facilitate the organization of your vacation or more simply of your outings, rental can be done remotely on the internet or by phone. Indeed at DINGOVELOS we have a strong desire to facilitate your rentals and make them as valuable as possible. This is the way to spend a pleasant vacation all year round in spectacular surroundings! Bike rental also has the advantage of being adaptable according to your needs. Indeed there are all types of rental bikes to suit everyone’s habits and desires! Ranging from fun activity to sport-oriented activity, there is something to delight everyone, adults and children.

So you can choose a mountain bike, intended for hikes off the beaten track or sport-oriented outings. For leisure outings in the city, the most recommended bicycle will be the VTC (all road bicycle), combining the characteristics of the city bicycle and the mountain bike it is perfectly adapted. A desire for idleness, the electric bike will be the ideal bicycle. It is perfect for long or short distances thanks to its battery with an autonomy of a hundred kilometers on average. It will help with pedaling during your walks. Children can also take advantage of the rentals thanks to children’s bikes suitable for all sizes and levels or to trailers.

Other more atypical alternatives are also possible, in particular with the Tandem for walks in couple or between friends. Laughs guaranteed!

In short, with bike rental you will have the opportunity to enjoy the holidays with long walks on the coast. You will be able to serenely discover the region thanks to the network of cycle paths of Bassin d’Arcachon.

The rental can be done on variable durations, going from a day to a week or a month according to the desires. Fully adaptable with the bike rental you do what you want. Renting your bike is above all the freedom to choose, something that is great on vacation. We can choose in particular the time of the rental. It is also choosing not to clutter up on journeys to get to your vacation spot. Plus it’s the ability to return it whenever you want if you no longer need it. The idea is to have a good time thanks to beautiful walks around the Arcachon Bay! There will always be a good reason to rent! At DINGOVELOS we advise you on this by sharing our expertise and our passion.

Our expertise

A successful rental is above all expert advice and a quality bike, maintained and overhauled. This involves recommendations on the equipment, namely suitable clothing and accessories. Security must also be guaranteed. It is therefore important to remember to wear a compulsory helmet for children under 12 years of age. These points are the key elements of a good bike rental for an unforgettable experience.

At DINGOVELOS, we make it a point of honor to apply advice, safety and quality. Thus, we offer bikes of all types to satisfy all desires. Whether you want to take a walk in the forest or in the city, we advise you as an expert on the choice of a suitable bike. For safety and comfort we also offer the rental of accessories that will complement your equipment for successful walks. As a true lover of our region we also advise you on the circuits to do around the Arcachon Basin. Discover the seafront in particular, or go to the Dune via the Moulleau district and its beautiful villas. Notice to the more adventurous we also offer an essential circuit that will take you all around the Basin in one day.

Renting a bike means having the choice of day, time, and activity. Thanks to a very varied choice of bikes, you can enjoy your vacation as it should. With family or friends, this is an opportunity to have fun and create memories in an idyllic setting. The rental also allows you to be safe thanks to the maintenance given to the bicycles. At DINGOVELOS we understand, everything is done with a view to having a good time! You have nothing to plan for, just your presence!

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