Mountain biking, sports rides on the Arcachon Bay

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Mountain biking, sports rides on the Arcachon Bay

Mountain biking is the perfect ally for exploring rugged trails. Indeed, cycling is not just a leisurely stroll on the cycle path. It goes without saying that there are many models of bikes. Thus, each model corresponds to a use. For athletes looking for thrills, mountain biking is the bike to use. In addition, the Arcachon Basin is rich in numerous circuits which will allow you to discover the region while giving some thrills.

Mountain biking a bike made for the track

So when you cycle, there is a suitable type of bike for each use. It would not be a good idea to take a sand track with a road bike. At this time, it is advisable to direct your choice towards an moutain bike. Indeed, if you want to pedal on more or less steep or uneven trails, the mountain bike is the one you need. The mountain bike is available in different models. There are mountain bikes designed for racing and competition, mountain bikes for long hikes, or mountain bikes for difficult terrain. For several years, this bike has been one of the main bicycle models most used in recreational cycling. It is mainly intended for rough terrain or even mountain trails, which is why we can also call them “mountain bike”.

This bike is therefore characterized by a strong and light frame. For optimal road maintenance, it has wide tires with studs. This tire force ensures good grip on the ground. In addition, it is equipped with suspensions. These will help absorb the shocks and vibrations suffered during the journey. On the price side, depending on the materials used, the range is quite wide. It can range from 130 € to more than 2000 €. Otherwise, for those who practice cycling occasionally, there is rental. During the summer season, DINGOVELO offersmountain bikes for hireto explore the slopes of the Arcachon Basin. So why not already plan your next mountain bike excursion?

The Arcachon basin an exceptional natural setting for sensational walks

The Arcachon Basin is a place with unspoiled and exceptional nature. So to find out, the ideal is to use a gentle mode of transportation such as mountain biking. Indeed, with the mountain bike one can leave to discover the natural framework of the Basin while preserving it. So, sports enthusiasts eager for sensations and discoveries just have to choose their circuit. In particular, there is a site, VisuGPX, where users offer mountain biking tours to do on the Arcachon Basin. There is something for all levels and also for all tastes. Between circuits in the forest or near the sea, you just have to choose and download your itinerary to give yourself some thrill.

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