Bike rental in Arcachon
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cycling in arcachon

During the summer you can admire the landscapes on the Arcachon Basin. Nature is adorned with its summer beauty. Many holidaymakers choose to discover or rediscover the Basin thanks to the bike rental at DINGOVELOS.

Long-term bike rental

When the summer season arrives, bike rental shops are taken by storm. Holidaymakers rediscover the pleasure of pedaling onmountain bikes or in pairs, in tandems. The new fashion is also for VAE, these electrically assisted bicycles are a hit in the Basin. The simplicity of this bike makes it attractive, no need to force yourself to pedal for hours. The assisted pedaling allows you to admire the landscape in peace.

There are also more and more bicycle rental formulas and they are getting longer over time. While a few years ago the maximum duration of a bike rental was limited to one day, today it is possible to enjoy it for a whole week or even the whole stay. The enthusiasm of travelers, especially families, for this mode of transport has enabled it to adapt to demands.

Covid-19 has also played an important role in the bicycle boom. Indeed, obliged to limit public transport, the French have returned to bicycles.

The advantages of bike rental on vacation

While the rental period has grown, so has the range of bikes on offer. Today there are city bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, tandems and even trailers for families with children.

This means of transport, in addition to being practical, is ecological. The Arcachon Basin has diverse flora and fauna. Some of its beaches, sandbanks or the famous Dune du Pilatare classified as nature reserves or classified as World Heritage by Unesco. It is therefore preferable to travel by bicycle rather than by car to preserve this fragile ecosystem.

In addition, in summer, the only road leading to the many seaside towns is taken over by holidaymakers. It then becomes very difficult to move around. Renting a bike allows you to have significant flexibility as well as flexibility in travel.

Renting a bike means having the chance to discover secret corners of the Basin. Accessible only by cycle paths or on foot, these are places where calm is kept. The Prés Salés, for example, are large marshy meadows that are pleasant to explore by bike. They offer a diversity of birds that it is not possible to observe elsewhere in the Basin.

Finally, why choose to take the car to go shopping when it is possible to take a bicycle. Stroll through the alleys of the Arcachon Basin markets. Between fruits, vegetables and local products, it’s a safe bet that the front basket of the bike will quickly be filled.

Rental is really experiencing a jump in popularity and attractiveness, which can be explained both by its flexibility and by its pleasant side.