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The Arcachon Basin is a large territory made up of cities bordering our "inland sea". Many know the Arcachon basin and its eponymous city, but further back and away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, the basin reveals a completely different face. More secret, more wild, where calm and nature are in harmony. Let's explore the heart of the Basin.

The heart of the Basin


The heart of the Basin, between the famous town of Arcachon and the prestigious Cap-Ferret holds a discreet place on the Basin of Arcachon. An asset to secretly keep its natural riches. Constituted by the towns of Lanton, Audenge, Biganos, Mios and Marcheprime, this area, which has remained wild, attracts the curious in need of nature. Indeed framed by the coast, the pine forests of the Landes and the Delta of the Eyre, visitors can enjoy a natural and relaxing setting. Set back, this wild area of ​​the Basin attracts less crowds, making it a real haven of peace and respite for lovers of the great outdoors. Located between sea, river and forest, the setting is also ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. In this period, when temperatures rise relatively quickly, the ports, beaches, and the Leyre delta are never far away for cooling off.
In the forest and on the trails, walks are always pleasant in the shade of the pines. Little anecdote; did you know that the Landes forest was planted under Napoleon III to drain and clean up the marshy soils of the region?

In short, whether with family, alone or with friends, you will always find an activity to do or a place to discover to reconnect with nature. We present some of them to you.

Many sports activities

True natural area the heart of the basin is suitable for outdoor sports activities. Especially for hikes and bicycle tours. You can rent a bike from DINGOVELOS and plan a day with a circuit that goes around the pool. You can also depart from Lanton to follow a cycling circuit in the footsteps of Santiago de Compostela, passing through Audenge, Biganos and the Teich. These circuits adapted according to the levels allow you to discover the region at your own pace while practicing an outdoor physical activity. If you wish to discover more bicycle circuits note that the tourist offices offer you a certain number of them. If you want to take on challenges, be aware that you can even register for treasure hunt-type circuits at tourist offices.

With the heat of summer also enjoy activities to do on the water. The Basin and the Leyre are never far away. With its 135 km in length, this large river crisscrossing in the forest will evoke landscapes of the Amazon. This is also why it is nicknamed the "Little Amazon". You can go for a walk on the tracks along the water's edge. From Mios you can embark on a canoe-kayak to discover this natural wealth.

But there are still many activities to practice while discovering the Arcachon Bay ... You just have to choose.

The Basin is also a whole heritage and culture to discover, while taking your time. And there are also activities for the most gourmet discover the culture of the Basin oyster. Many tastings are also possible. In this privileged and unspoiled area, you can also explore tapping, an ancestral tradition of the region. It consists of harvesting the resin on the pines to be able to make cleaning products, paints, varnishes ...


You will understand that the basin has many facets, here in the heart of the Basin, time is suspended and nature has its place. Whether for holidays or a weekend, you can take advantage of an exceptional natural setting to discover the Arcachon Basin from another angle.