Direction the Moulleau district with the bike rental in Arcachon

Direction the Moulleau district with the bike rental in Arcachon

The Moulleau district is one of the most famous districts of the city of Arcachon. Located by the sea, it is a very lively area. It is a real pillar of Arcachon’s nightlife. With the network of cycle paths of the Arcachon Basin it is easy to access the Moulleau. The district is accessible directly by bike or so thanks to the DINGOVELOS bike rental.

Places to discover

The district runs along one of the few beaches in Arcachon where you can relax, Moulleau beach. At the end of this beach is the Moulleau jetty. It is one of the places to see in the Bassin d’Arcachon. The jetty offers a breathtaking view of the Cap Ferret peninsula. In the distance we can seethe bird island and its tchanquées huts.

Towards the land this time, the Notre-Dame-Des-Passes church is a jewel of 19th century Neo-Byzantine architecture. In the continuity of the shopping street of the district it has a unique point of view from the heights. You will have to pedal lightly to access it or take an e-bike for more ease since it is located on an old dune. Originally built to accommodate sailors entering the Basin, Notre-Dame-Des-Passes is today one of the most popular churches for weddings in the region. It is rumored that there would be almost a three-year wait.

Neighborhood life at Moulleau

The Moulleau district has a special atmosphere. The Arcachonnais like to consider it as a village in its own right and it is not its “Le Moulleau Village” committee that will say the opposite. He brings the city to life as the people of Arcachon know it today, with neighborhood festivals, street artists and exhibitions.

There are trendy bars but also its restaurants which contribute to the nightlife of the Basin. All along the beach, many restaurants are to be discovered. For gourmets, you can taste seafood, fresh fish and other regional specialties. You can drop off your bike on Boulevard de la Côte d’Argent to take advantage of the entirely pedestrianized shopping street.

In addition, at Moulleau gourmets will have the choice for a sweet break. They will also have the opportunity to taste an ice cream made with organic ingredients. Here is proof of the neighborhood’s involvement in fresh, local and environmentally friendly products.

Finally, if the Moulleau district has a reputation for being a trendy district, it is not without counting on the shops that have settled there. There are designer shops offering unique and original pieces. To bring back delicious souvenirs from the Basin, go to one of the food shops offering local products.

In short, the district with the allure of a village provides a change of scenery for vacationers who venture there. Arcachon remains a city of a thousand and one faces, sometimes very chic, sometimes more authentic. You just have to find out which one you prefer.

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