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Rosalie DINGO Bikes

With the arrival of sunny days on the Basin, it obviously crosses our minds to go for a bike ride. But why not test new things and experiment with bikes of a new kind? With family, friends, couples or with children, there is a choice. Goofy Bikes gives you a quick overview of these curious bikes.


A family experience in Rosalie ...

You may have already seen this strange four-wheeled vehicle wondering, "but what is it?"
DINGOVELOS answers you, this funny vehicle is a rosalie, considered as a bike in France and in Belgium it is mounted on four wheels and can generally transport between four to five people but some models can go up to eleven people!

You will understand, rosalie is the ideal way to get together with family for a ride that will combine sharing and originality. In addition if you opt for this unusual bike, it will be a question of cohesion! Indeed, everyone must pedal to advance the rosalie. What better way to strengthen ties or simply share good times. It is sure that laughter will be there.

For unforgettable memories, we advise you to take the cycle track on the seafront at your own pace to enjoy the view of the basin! There is no longer any question of waiting, so why not try rosalie with DINGOVELOS?


Or a couple ride in tandem

Notice to couples looking for ideas for an original outing. The tandem is perhaps the solution to get out of everyday life and share moments of complicity together. Indeed, this bike has two places located one behind the other, for which the two people have to pedal at the same rate. So there has to be some coordination to be able to move forward. But we all know this proverb which says that unity is strength, so it's time to go further with two.

It is a bicycle suitable for the road, which is why we advise you to take the cycle path to go to Pereire. Here you can enjoy a unique panorama of the basin outside the bustle of the city. The opportunity to take the time to meet by renting a tandem with DINGOVELOS.


And with young children

It’s not always easy to ride a family bike with young children. The age of the child, safety and the length of the journey are factors which play a role in the organization of his outing. To make your family bicycle journeys easier, there are equipment fully adapted to suit your desires and needs. So the whole family can enjoy a ride in the best conditions.

To ensure this we present the following bikes. These are types of bikes that attach with a drawbar to an adult bike. It’s a great way to teach the little ones about traffic on the road and the rules safely. But also it allows children to be able to follow their parents on longer circuits.

If your child is not yet old enough to pedal alone, you can also think of trailers that can be attached directly to your bike for your family outings! They effectively allow to transport up to 2 children for a payload of 40 kilos, your children enjoy the ride safely.

And if not why not try the baby seat to place on the bike at the back of your saddle. This accessory allows you to transport your toddler safely and wherever you want. Convenient and simple for your trips, it is also a great way for your family outings.

You will have understood there are multiple solutions to organize a family bike trip in complete safety, at DINGOVELO we want to offer you all these accessories so that you can enjoy your rides with your children. Thus equipped, you will be able to discover and introduce young people to our beautiful region through the kilometers of cycle paths at your disposal.


Whether with friends, couples or family there is always a way to practice the bike according to your desires!