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safe cycling

Cycling is fun and enjoyable to practice. However, it remains a mode of transport that has its rules that must be followed in order to practice it safely.

Choosing the right equipment

Helmets are a safety that is compulsory for children up to the age of twelve. However, it remains strongly recommended after this age. It will protect against possible falls but also against solar insolation during long bike rides.

At DINGOVELOS, our children’s bikes are rented automatically with a helmet for children under twelve.

Choosing the right bike is also very important. You have to know what kind of bike is for which road. We recommend a mountain bike if you want to go for a walk in the pine forests. On the other hand, if you want to stroll for a nice walk, we recommend the electric bicycle.

To stroll serenely during your outings, it is possible to opt for additional equipment such as a padlock to park your bike safely. In fact, in some towns the streets are pedestrianized, like the shopping street in the Moulleau district in Arcachon. The opportunity to set foot on the ground to meet the locals.

In addition, for your safety, bicycles must have luminous equipment such as lights or reflective devices to increase the visibility of the bicycle on the road.

Finally, to relieve your back and enjoy your ride more easily, it is possible to rent baskets with your bike. They attach to the front of the bike and store water bottles, sunscreen or a camera.

Circulate with children and obey the rules

Cycling is therefore done in a supervised manner. While helmets are regulated for those under the age of twelve, there are other measures you should know before going on a ride. It is for example, the circulation of bicycles on sidewalks and regulated. It is therefore possible to circulate on the sidewalk for young children under the age of eight. However, care must be taken to ensure that they adhere to a reasonable speed.

If cycling is not yet possible for the little ones, some solutions exist, such as the trailer to take the children. It easily attaches to the back of the bike. If, however, the little ones want to pedal, it is also possible to rent a duplo tandemor a follower bike.

Finally, according to the highway code, it is forbidden to drive with your phone in your hand. For your safety and to hear the soft sound of the waves, you leave your headphones in your bag or something like that.

While cycling is an easy activity to practice, it does have certain rules that you should keep in mind before outings. Some equipment is compulsory. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, it is recommended that you follow them. The DINGOVELOS team remains available to provide you with information on all of this.