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Following the COVID 19 crisis, the bicycle is booming all over the world. Good for your health and your spirit, cycling can reduce the flow of travelers in public transport (bus, metro, etc.). It also helps to understand the physical distance between users and to guarantee better sanitary conditions. Biking is therefore a great way to be careful when traveling.


Adapted cities following the health crisis

Authorized during confinement in the context of leisure and sporting activities, the cycling trend is not about to fade. Cities are adapting to prioritize cycling in the centers in order to avoid crowds in public transport. Indeed, corridors are arranged to allow cyclists to circulate more easily on the roads. Cities are rethinking urbanization to adapt to this growing mode of travel. The sidewalks are also lengthened. It is true that the bicycle is one of the only means of transport allowing an appreciable physical distance. Indeed, the state and the municipalities agree to promote the use of bicycles compared to public transport.


It is also a way to regulate an obvious increase in car traffic and pollution. It is true that we are used to a certain calm in the cities and that this period could be a utopian transition towards cities without cars. Traveling by bike is also a way to mix business with pleasure, especially for your business trips. This idea seems to please since we can see an increase in sales of more than 40% * especially for electric bikes.


Cycling rules in cities

The bicycle therefore makes it possible to impose better sanitary conditions than in transport as well as physical distance. However, certain rules must be followed. To practice this activity in the best conditions it is necessary to impose a distance, it is obviously necessary as far as possible to be furthest from other cyclists. The sports ministry indicates that for a person who drives at a moderate speed will have to be at least 5 meters. For a person who practices cycling in a more sporty way and in a group, he must impose a distance of at least 10 meters. Indeed, this makes it possible to avoid the dispersion of the droplets. We also remind you that wearing a mask is not compulsory for cycling, however you are free to wear one if you feel the need.


Of course the basic traffic rules for cycling do not change even if the environment is set up to encourage the practice of this sport. We urge you to be careful. That’s why we’ll give you a little reminder of these last ones issued by road safety. When cycling, you must remain vigilant for your safety and that of other users.


When you are driving in the city, we remind you that the telephone and any other device that can emit sound such as headsets or headphones are prohibited. You must of course respect the direction of traffic when driving on the right side and the traffic lights regulating the crossing of roads. For traffic on sidewalks only children under the age of eight are allowed to circulate on the latter provided they have a slow pace and do not interfere with pedestrians. In addition, concerning greenways, meeting areas or zone 30, the circulation of cyclists is authorized but it is necessary to remain vigilant with the provisions taken by the municipality. Indeed the latter can adapt the traffic rules, be careful. Remember that wearing a helmet is also compulsory for children under 12.