Cycling after the COVID crisis 19

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Cycling after the COVID crisis 19


In recent weeks, we have experienced an unparalleled health crisis, that of COVID 19. The majority of the population is confined and public transport is almost at a standstill. In this near future we must relearn how to live while continuing to apply health rules. We will have to protect ourselves while thinking of the others and our elders, the most vulnerable. Solutions are available to us especially for our trips, and why not the bike? After the crisis, ALL in the saddle!


The Bicycle, the possible solution for after the crisis ….


During this crisis, we learned the challenges of social distancing. Strict measures had to be applied to avoid further spread of the virus. Staying a minimum of one meter from the others has become one of the essential barrier gestures to fight against the Coronavirus. However, even in the Arcachon Basin, it is not always easy to apply in confined spaces, such as in public transport, the frequency of which is greatly reduced. Indeed, some people had to continue to borrow them in the city, especially to go to work when no other solution was available.


Today, when we talk about deconfinement, politicians are trying to encourage travel by bicycle to avoid the use of public transport. The bicycle would then become the main means of transport to reduce the spread of the virus and to allow appreciable conditions of distance.
Indeed, at the end of this crisis, it is very likely that few of us want to resume public transport “immediately”. The bicycle will then be the ideal solution from which we can derive many benefits.


…. Good for your health and for the environment!


Cycling after the crisis would therefore be a way of protecting yourself from the spread of the virus. It would become the alternative means of public transport such as buses, trains, trams… A means of transport good for the body and good for the spirit. Indeed, after several weeks of confinement, we need to get a good breath of air, and why not with a bike ride! This could be an opportunity to bring cycling into our daily lives.


Indeed, cycling is good for health! It would make our brain more efficient! Like other sports, cycling triggers the production of endorphin, which reduces stress and anxiety. Regular cycling would also reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer, help promote healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system, and improve balance. This regular sports practice would also give more energy and vitality, which would contribute to better sleep. You should also be aware that a person who does regular physical activity would develop a better immune system, and would therefore considerably reduce the risk of being infected by infections.


Not only is it good for your health, cycling is good for the environment. Indeed this gentle means of transport is one of the best solutions to let our planet breathe as well as our beautiful Basin that we cherish so much. Riding more bikes in fact contributes to reducing the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, but also noise pollution and congestion in cities. So why not take your bike as soon as possible and take up the challenge of going to walk the cycle paths of the Arcachon Basin to enjoy nature and our natural riches such as our famous Dune du Pilat. Or follow the movement “To work by bike” launched in 2007 which aims to encourage commuting by bike to work.


And for those who do not have bikes you can always think about renting …. For short or long periods at DINGOVELOS, we adapt to the needs of our customers to support them in the practice of their physical activity.


As you will have understood, the bicycle will be the new challenge in terms of travel after the COVID crisis. Whether in cities or in the Arcachon Basin, it will allow good social distancing conditions to be applied in order to prevent the spread of the virus. It will also be a way for us to set new goals to feel good in our body and in our head but also to protect the fragile nature of our region.

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