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VAE in Arcachon

You will agree, there is nothing more pleasant than being able to discover a region while enjoying a refreshing outdoor activity. Thanks to the VAE, it is possible. This environmentally friendly means of travel allows you to explore cities and their surroundings. You go at your own pace while doing physical activity.


VAE overview


You would think that the electric bike is recent on the market, however patents have existed since the 19th century! Today this type of bike has become very trendy. Its success is due in particular to the ecological momentum and the desire to reduce the congestion of cities. It allows you to move more simply and further for less effort. No need to have a great physical capacity to pace the kilometers, the engine of your VAE is there to help you.


The VAE will assist pedaling thanks to sensors located on the pedals. In fact, for the assistance to work, the user must pedal. On an e-bike you are not passive but it is possible to use the bicycle as a non-motorized bicycle.

There are generally two types of motorization: The hub motors housed in the hub of the front or rear wheel. Or the central motors integrated at the bottom bracket. What sets these two engines apart is the price. You should know that the hub motors, less technical and sophisticated than the central ones are cheaper.


For the autonomy of a VAE, the latter fluctuates depending on the models, brands, and battery capacity. It also varies according to the type of assistance, the type of road, the weight. You should also know that the climatic conditions or the tire pressure are also to be taken into account. The autonomy of a VAE can thus go from 20km to 100km.


Advantages of the electric bike on the Arcachon basin


At DINGOVELOS, we offer two types of e-bike rental. In particular the Noirmoutier E-colors VAE in 14.5Ah and its 90km of autonomy. As well as the Peugeot eC01 VAE equipped with a BOSCH engine with a 400Wh battery for 120 km of autonomy. The bike ride becomes a real pleasure. We then take the opportunity to explore the region and its thousand facets, whether in the city, in the forest or by the sea, there is something for everyone. Rich of 120 km of cycle track on all the Arcachon basin of many possibilities are offered to you.


A quick overview of the main places to visit riding your VAE


For an urban stroll, discover Arcachon city between authenticity and sophistication and its 4 main districts bearing the name of the four seasons. The city being built on the heights the VAE will be particularly pleasant. Especially to visit the summer district with its shops, its Casino, its waterfront. It will also be appreciated to discover the Winter city and its architectural treasures all around the Moorish Park. Indeed you can admire magnificent villas such as the superb Alexandre Dumas mansion. The Autumn city overlooks all of Arcachon and offers you a panoramic view of the entire Basin. Finally you can also stroll around the city of spring and its port, very famous for its beautiful pinnacles.


About ten kilometers from the town of Teste de Buch, discover the emblematic Dune du Pilat. It is a must in the region. You will not be able to miss the largest sand dune in Europe, 107 meters high. When you get to the top, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Banc d'Arguin.


For oyster lovers, you can also go easily with your VAE to one of the many oyster ports. Here you can taste the specialty of the region. Indeed there are many tasting oysters to make a stopover during your bike rides.


With your VAE which will make your journey easier, you can give yourself a nature break at the Teich ornithological park. The opportunity to walk the trails away from the bustle of the city. A large nature reserve, the ornithological park hosts hundreds of bird species year-round. They come to transit to the delight of visitors who can observe them discreetly.


You will understand that the Arcachon Bay is full of places and activities all more different from each other. However, sometimes it takes a few kilometers. But thanks to your VAE everything is possible, your walks have never been so simple. The Basin is available to you regardless of your physical capacity. You just have to enjoy!