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Arcachon basin heritage

Between land and sea, authenticity and modernity, sharing and heritage, the towns of the Arcachon Basin offer events. Indeed find throughout the summer opportunities to meet. In accordance with the rules established for the organization of events, the inhabitants share their values ​​and their culture with summer visitors from all walks of life. The opportunity to party with the locals after a good day of cycling during the holidays.

The Arcachon Basin and its heritage

The Arcachon Basin, you will have noticed, it is above all a state of mind marked by values ​​and by a natural and cultural heritage. Simplicity, traditions and sharing are the watchwords in the region. The summer events organized on the Arcachon Basin live to the rhythm of these values. Participating in these meetings is the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture during your holidays. DINGOVELOS recommends two events to discover the culture and heritage of the Arcachon Basin after a good bike ride.

From August 14 to 15, the seaside festivals take place. This is a must-attend event that has been held each year for over 50 years in the city of Arcachon. For two days all lovers of the region will find a yellow scarf around their necks to celebrate and honor the sea. The opportunity to discover the traditional activities, religious celebrations and the atmosphere that emerges from this unique event. The event ends with a moment of sharing with a giant picnic on the seafront.

From August 14 to 16 also takes place at the oyster festival in Ares. To get there, it is best to organize your bike circuit for and stay the same evening on site to be able to enjoy the festivities. During these 3 days of celebrations, the participants celebrate the oyster of the Basin with a glass of white wine and lively music played by the local Bandas. As a local, we recommend taking a souvenir bandana “Oyster Festival Ares”.

The Arcachon Basin and its happy festivities

In summer, there is also a good-natured atmosphere in the Arcachon Bay. Everyone gets together to party in joy and good humor and especially in an exceptional setting. DINGO BIKES tells you two festive events not to be missed in August.

In the atypical village of l’Herbe at Cap Ferret we come to party at the end of August by the water. We recommend taking the boat with your bike. And when you arrive in the village on the handlebars of your two wheels. You should also plan to stay on site to be able to take advantage of the evening entertainment with the locals. Between games, fairgrounds and music, there is no place for boredom.

Just a few kilometers from Arcachon, in the town of Teste de Buch, there are the Mardinades with salt meadows. Directly accessible by bicycle, everyone takes advantage of these festive evenings to go dancing and taste oysters until one o’clock in the morning in a summer atmosphere!

On the Basin we like to share our culture and our good humor with summer visitors through festive events. This is indeed an opportunity to share together convivial moments almost out of time.