Bike rental in Arcachon
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view from the dune du pyla on the banc d'arguin

On the Arcachon Basin, nature and calm have a great place. This is what makes the discreet charm of our region. So in order to preserve the authenticity of our landscapes, we favor soft travel modes. The bicycle is becoming an increasingly popular solution

more obvious. Whether it is to go to work or to go for a walk, it takes its place in our daily lives. In order to better discover our region DINGOVÉLOS offers you its ideal day.


Rent your bikes from Arcachon.


On the Arcachon Basin, we have a wonderful setting that we must protect. For that what better than to adopt the displacements with bikes. So we start our day ride to the Pilat Dune with a stop to go and rent a bike. At DINGOVELOS we rent different models of bikes to meet all your desires. To go to the Dune du Pilat we recommend a hybrid bike, a mountain bike or a VAE if the distance scares you. By renting in this way from DINGOVELOS, you support an eco-responsible approach. Indeed, we have made the choice not to replace our bike fleet but to repair it. In order to be even more consistent with this approach, let’s choose only French parts to favor short circuits.

Once equipped with your bike, take the waterfront to get to the city center, you can already spot which seafood restaurant you can stop at.


Consume at small producers and discover on your way


In the city center of Arcachon on the Marquesas square you will find the market and its beautiful colors as well as the Halle Baltard and its traders. Open all year from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. You can easily find vegetables, fruit, meat and seafood from different local producers. The opportunity to discover and savor fresh products full of flavor in the conviviality of the place. Maybe you would be tempted by an oyster tasting in the covered market or by an aperitif at the market bar. On the market you can also find creative craftsmen to please you. You will understand that at the market you will find everything you need and you will be able to delight your taste buds while supporting the local economy.


After enjoying this fun stop, you can resume your journey with a delicious picnic to enjoy on the way. To go to the Dune du Pilat you will cross several districts just as charming as each other including Pereire, Moulleau and Pyla. Take the time to observe the beautiful waterfront villas and the panoramic view of the Basin. Indeed in Pereire you benefit from one of the most beautiful angles of view on the sea.


End the day in style

By following the cycle track at your own pace you will arrive at the Dune du Pilat and its parking lot where you can easily deposit your bike. Save some energy to climb this giant sand. After 104 meters of climbing by taking the stairs you will be very largely rewarded. Indeed the Dune du Pilat offers you a breathtaking view. On one side you overlook the entire pine forest, on the other you have the view of the Banc d'Arguin, the tip of Cap Ferret and the almost infinite horizon. Enjoy the moment until sunset and your ride will take an almost magical turn.

You will understand that to visit the Arcachon Bay, you do not need your car. On the contrary, by bike you can take the time to stop to discover the riches of the region in a responsible manner. In this way you can also support local producers and artisans. This bike ride is an opportunity to regain the taste for simple and authentic pleasures.