Bike rental in Arcachon
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the types of bikes for riding

We don’t necessarily think about it, but for each type of outing we can adapt our bike model. Indeed there is a large choice of models of bikes adapted to the practice that you wish to make of it. Whether for an outing in town, in the countryside, on the sand or in the forest, each bike is adapted to its environment. At DINGOVELOS we indeed offer all kinds of bikes to meet each of your desires

Bikes for urban rides

For walking in the city of Arcachon, we recommend several types of bikes.

The mountain bike, called mountain bike is between the city bike and mountain biking. It will take you wherever you want thanks to its versatility. In fact handy and light, it allows you to go everywhere in peace and comfort. It’s really the ideal bike for daily outings on the Basin thanks to its affordable price. The full circuit bike is the bike made to spend a holiday in peace.

For additional comfort we recommend the VTC Premium. Like its twin, it’s a bike going everywhere, from tar to slightly uneven tracks, it takes you everywhere. Its advantage, it has a basket to deposit your belongings and a saddle in royal Gypsy gel. Its leisure position allows you to adopt a better posture for an even more pleasant ride.

The city of Arcachon and its surroundings being built in the heights and on sand dunes, it is not uncommon to have to face ups and downs. To reduce your effort we recommend the electrically assisted bicycle. By relieving your pedaling thanks to its battery it helps you to go further!

Bicycles for nature and sports rides

On the Arcachon Basin we also have a large network of forest tracks as well as strolls on the seafront. In order to be able to ride safely on the sand in the holes and bumps we recommend our two essentials.

The mountain bike will take you absolutely everywhere and allow you to take a sporty ride in the surrounding forests. Thanks to its frame and its 24 gears, it is a sporty and enduring bike that meets all the requirements of athletes.

For those who want to ride easily on the sand and who want to enjoy the beaches, we offer the VAE Beach. This electrically assisted bicycle has it all. Its appearance and performance are ideal for riding peacefully around. Thanks to its battery it will help pedaling in the sand. The action of the battery will be reinforced by the presence of the two large wheels which will allow not to get bogged down and move forward with less effort.

In short, with the bike rental at DINGOVELOS you have the choice of doing the activity you want from day to day. One day a sport hike, the next day a city stroll. You choose!