Bike Rental Arcachon : DINGOVELOS !

Impeccable service

We can offer you the perfect bike because we have all sizes and bikes.

Meticulously revised

Comfort. Security. Our equipment is guaranteed to make your cycling experience 100% unforgettable.

Croquis femme vélo panier Arcachon DINGOVELOS

All types of bikes

Do you have time for a walk? Rent for a whole day and explore Arcachon at your leisure.

Quality bikes

We strive to offer you quality bikes, revised regularly! Your safety is essential to us.

Our rental bikes

3 days
1 week
15 days

3 days
1 week
15 days

3 days
1 week
15 days

3 days
1 week
15 days

3 days
1 week
15 days

3 days
1 week
15 days

Material included in each rental

Helmet included for children up to 12 years old
Anti-theft quality chain for better security
Map of the region
Luggage rack included on VTC, VTC Premium and VAE
Baskets included on Premium VTC

Book online or in store!

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Where to find us :


1, Rue Grenier


Arcachon live !

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Discover the places to visit,
things to do absolutely
and let yourself be guided!

Plage vélo nature

Direction the ocean!

With the presence of a network of cycle paths that go around the Arcachon Bay, getting to the ocean has never been easier!

  • The districts of Arcachon
  • Cap-Ferret
  • The Dune of Pilat
  • Ocean beaches

Walk in the heart of the forest!

Take the time to discover the Basin from a new perspective, with your bike and your friends or family. Take advantage of the Arcachon cycle paths to Cap Ferret!

  • Taste oysters by the beach
  • Go to the top of the Dune du Pilat
  • See the port of Arcachon
  • Discover the Bird Island
Balade famille forêt Arcachon DINGOVELOS
Barque Plage Arcachon DINGOVELOS

Discovery of the Arcachon Bay!

Lose yourself in the natural heart of Arcachon and discover hundreds of hidden treasures in the park. Walking through the places, you will see a wide range of attractions.

Our guide will guide you to the most interesting places, supervise your adventure and provide you with the elements of history, pop culture and much more to complete the experience.

Stroll on the seafront in Arcachon!

Discover essential addresses for seafood restaurants, near our store. And take a walk along the beach!

  • Thiers Pier
  • Port of Arcachon
  • Casino of Arcachon
  • Chez Diego
  • Moorish Park
Vélos et Promenade Arcachon DINGOVELOS
Dingo en tandem Arcachon DINGOVELOS
Dingo en tandem Arcachon DINGOVELOS
Dingo en tandem Arcachon DINGOVELOS